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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Everything about hot springs is awesome

Day 19 7/1
Mileage 8
Camped at Goldmyer Hot Spring

Beautiful day! Leisurely morning, beautiful section of trail, HOT SPRINGS! They are every bit as great as they sounded, and they were much needed after the last few days. I hiked by myself most of the morning, which I enjoyed. I don't want to it all the time, by any means, but an hour or so a day is nice. It's a good time to think about stuff. When I hike behind people, I just zone out and look at their feet. Today, I remembered to look up. It was an excellent reminder of why I'm doing this, and why I love it so much. I had an excellent moment with a little squirrel today. He saw me and freaked out at first, but I stood still and he started approaching with funny, jerky movements. He was just a little guy and I wondered if I was the first person he's seen. The hot springs are fantastic. They're made up of several small pools, with the first, highest pool coming out of a cave in the hillside. Simply splendid. My legs feel refreshed after yesterday and I'm anxious to start laying down some real miles.

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