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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Zero at the top of the world

Day 30 7/12
Mileage 0
Camped by the Goat Rocks

Today, I've been totally, blissfully idle. We got up, ate, hid from the sun, ate, had lunch, got some water, I sketched a bit, read some John Muir, ate another lunch, actively listened, and snacked. I realized that I don't know if I've been in this position, i.e., having actually nothing I need to do, since maybe the beginning of high school. I love this simplicity. I ate so much today. I'm actually pretty proud of myself. We all did pretty well today, getting down around 6000 calories apiece. We played some fir cone football, and that's pretty much it. Knife's Edge tomorrow! By tomorrow night, we'll be out of the sketchiest part of the resupply. I'm excited to experience it, but also excited to be through it.

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