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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Grouse Gap

Day 61 8/12
Mileage 12
Camped at Grouse Gap Shelter

Back on trail! The scenery was much more lush than yesterday. It wasn't exactly lush, just not a completely barren desert. It's supposed to thunderstorm tonight/tomorrow, and we're hoping for a big one this evening. We're in an awesome open shelter with a neat fire pit. Daniel is hiking with us now, and he'll be with us for about 10 days. Yay! Northern California, it seems, is very much on fire, even more than usual. Two Oregon section hikers are here in the shelter, and told us we may not even be able to make it into California tomorrow, which may make things very difficult. Our plan was to meet Kyle's parents in Seiad Valley, and drive to wherever isn't on fire. Apparently Seiad Valley is on fire now. Gotta love this drought. One thing I have certainly been learning from this trip is flexibility and taking things in stride. Nothing has quite gone according to plan, and much of it has been out of our control. Even so, I've still been having an incredible experience. I guess it's all about letting the trip unfold organically. If I knew what was going to happen beforehand, and exactly how it was going to happen, then doing it would be kind of pointless. You know what they say about the best laid plans. Maybe you do. I don't. I've always known there was a second part to that adage, but I've never learned what it is*.

*I know what it is now.

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