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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mount Windtney

Day 106 9/26
Mileage 19
Camped at Rock Creek

5:21 AM: Mount Whitney summit! The three of us are in the hut with Cornelius, a friendly Canadian, and the sunrise was spectacular. It was extremely cold and windy, with air temperatures around 15° and gusts around 60 mph. The hike up was epic. Not being able to see made it go more quickly, somehow. After the sun was up, more and more people showed up at the summit and we headed out. The rest of the day, I was incredibly sleepy. Around 1 PM, we stopped and napped in the meadow. 'Twas nice, but it made me even sleepier. By the end of the day, I was in a weird place, mentally. I tried balancing my poles on my hands as I walked, walking backwards, all sorts of other stuff, and after an eternity or so, made it to camp. We met Craig, who through hiked in 2005 and is finishing the last section he missed. I am so so sleepy.

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