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Monday, October 20, 2014

The worst thing that happened to us on trail.

Day 109 9/29
Mileage 15
Camped behind Kennedy Meadows General Store

We left our meadow and descended towards Kennedy Meadows. The terrain was increasingly dry and sandy, and we began to see cacti sprouting up along the sides of the trail. We made it to the general store to find the grill closed. I think maybe that's the saddest I've been all trip. Instead, we bought all of the store's microwave burritos and ate them on the deck, listening to some hunters talk about how scared they are of mountain lions, despite their guns. I made some macaroni and cheese, still a bit dejected. The people at the store were still very friendly, and let us set up our tents out back. We were setting up camp when Tom, a well-known trail angel, invited us to his place for a beer. We hung out and talked until around 8:30, and he offered us a ride into town tomorrow! Yay!

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