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Monday, October 20, 2014

Thirst, gluttony, and magic

Day 119 10/9
Mileage 14
Sleeping in Tehachapi

I woke as the gale force winds that had been buffeting me about all night shifted direction. It had been coming from the end of my tent, but it began blowing perpendicularly to the side of the tent, ripping out one of the grommets for the poles, rendering my tent useless and limp. Big bummer. The wind continued, and during the final descent into to Tehachapi, it was so strong that walking in a straight line was all but impossible. We called the bus service, and were reassured that we would be picked up around 3:30. We hung out in a concrete drainage, the only shade we could find, for a few hours. 4 o'clock rolled around, still no bus. Yay. We were getting desperate when a guy in a Hummer said we could come with him if we could fit. My backpack, Peter, and I all jammed in the passenger seat, and a little while later, we arrived in Tehachapi! What came next was the most gluttonous hour of my life. We split a pizza, went and got burritos at Taco Bell, and finished off with a cheeseburger, milkshakes, and cheesecake bites from Sonic. Past Tim would be horrified; future Tim will remember the afternoon fondly. We didn't have a place to stay yet, so I called Rockin', whom we met near Timothy Lake in Oregon. Not only was she around, but she let us stay in her home! Wahoo! Showers, laundry, and fun were had by all.

Kickin' it bum style. 

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