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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ups and Downs

Day 89 9/9
Mileage 18
Camped by Matterhorn Creek

Today's elevation profile is comical. It's basically a huge M, meaning we were always climbing or descending very steeply. We had found a lost camera on the trail last night, and this morning we ran into a CCC team working on the trail, so I inquired about it. Turns out it belongs to the crew supervisor. Yay! We also went over Benson pass, the first of our many unpaved High Sierra passes. We were originally planning to continue another 2 miles to Miller Lake, but we stopped when we found this awesome Valley with a sweet meadow in it. We figured we'll see plenty of cool lakes in the really high country, but this valley was an opportunity we couldn't pass up. Supermoon tonight, but it's behind a mountain. It's quite cold. Below freezing before 10 PM. Going to be a chilly one!

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