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Thursday, November 13, 2014

And then there was one.

Day 130 10/20
Mileage 10
Camped at Acton KOA

Peter got a ride from Donna to the train station, putting me on my own. Saying our goodbyes was surreal. All this time, I've had someone in the group who had my back. Now that I'm totally on my own, I feel more alone than I've felt on the rest of this trip, despite still being around other hikers. It was a slow morning. I headed out of Hiker Heaven with Raindance and Chimp, the third and fourth nobos we saw in Washington. They just didn't get enough the first time, because when they reached the border they turned right around and headed back. Badass. It was fun to get to hike with them. I said goodbye to Donna, Ricky, and Stef and we headed down the road. I'll miss this place. Donna and Jeff are both so caring and kind, and I will remember my time with them very fondly. I stopped at the Acton KOA so I didn't have to dry camp. Tomorrow is going to be a doozy. I plan on hiking around 33 miles, and was shocked to find that this 33-mile section has 10,200 feet of elevation gain. My 60-miler only had 3000 more than this. Yowza.

Raindance on left, Chimp on right, hiking fast

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