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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gatorade Lake and Nudity

Day 137 10/27
Mileage 18
Camped at mile 319.87

Woke up late (7:30) and walked along in the cool morning. The walking was easy and I breezed through the miles. Found a bathroom at a picnic area with running water! Whoa. Most of the afternoon, I was walking around Silverwood Lake, a large reservoir. So LA's sapped all the water from the rest of the state, but their reservoirs are overflowing. Real nice, guys. I thought about swimming, but the water was green and completely opaque, a bit like antifreeze, so I opted out. Around 3pm, I arrived at the water source where I had intended to camp. It was pretty icky, though. It was kind of a storage yard downstream of the dam. As I was debating where to camp, I heard footsteps on the bridge above me. It seemed too early for it to be Arctic Fox, but I poked my head up to check anyway and was met with a bare man-butt. He turned toward the highway and I started up the trail. When I looked back, he had started up the trail as well. I walked faster. The man started running. He was getting close when I recognized him. "Is that Coppertone?" I asked.
"Yep" he replied.
"Whew." I said.
"I thought there was a random crazy naked guy chasing me!"
"Nope." He said. "Not random." Coppertone is the trail angel who gave us root beer floats in northern Oregon! He had mentioned that he likes going on nude runs in this area. With the weight of death-by-nude lifted from my chest, we hiked together for a few minutes, until he started running again. I stopped for the day around 4, and I'm turning in early. Deep Creek hot springs tomorrow!