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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Heeeere, kitty kitty!

Day 132 10/22
Mileage 28
Camped at Little Jimmy Spring

I woke up this morning almost completely immobilized by yesterday's push. I got myself going somehow, since I had a strenuous 28-mile day ahead of me. There were huge cat tracks on the trail this morning, which made me nervous to be alone. I think I may wait for Arctic Fox & co. sometime in the next few days. I continued, excited to get into camp before dark. I took a couple breaks, one at a nice stream (there was a real stream!) and one on a sweet ridge, from which I could see almost all the way to LA! The mountains had real trees on them today! It was like an echo of the Sierra. (Entry continued on 10/23) My headlamp died as I was writing, so I'm finishing this entry the day after. My campsite was wedged crappily on a slope near the spring. In the spring, actually. I'm also sleeping backwards in my tent because it only fit with the head of the tent facing downhill. However, past Tim foresaw my low morale, and packed me mac and cheese! All was then well.

What is this, the AT?


Accidental view from Mt. Williamson

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