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Monday, November 17, 2014

Into Idyllwild

Day 149 11/3
Mileage 9
Staying at Idyllwild Inn

Woke up cold this morning. Air temps in high teens. Yeow. It was very misty and icy overnight, and I was wakened repeatedly by what I thought were the sounds of large animals stomping about, but what turned out to be large chunks of ice falling off the trees. There was apparently a large ice storm here recently, and all the trees were frosted in large ice crystals. Luckily, I had pitched my tent under an ice-free tree, and I passed the night unscathed. I hiked in all my layers, remembering wistfully the times back when I used to be able to feel my hands. The sun finally came over the mountain and by 9:00, it was almost above freezing. We meandered down the switchbacking Deer Springs trail until we reached the highway that led into Idyllwild. After a sketchy mile of road walking I arrived in downtown. I joined Jake and Celestial (Red Fox) for breakfast in a nice little diner, ate two full-sized breakfasts, and ran into Julien! More sobos! Julien was headed back to the trail this morning, and the rest of us, including Stef and Ricky, made our way over to the lovely Idyllwild inn. We rented a cozy little cabin with a fireplace (score!), ordered pizza, and did our resupply things.

Ice on the trees

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