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Monday, January 6, 2014

Come Hike With Us!

Hello, friends, family, and stalkers!

Many of you have expressed (or secretly have) interest in either joining us for some hiking or meeting up with us at some point on the trail. That's fantastic! Since you guys are probably doing real-life things, it would probably be nice to have an idea of where we'll be when. We won't know for sure until we're there, and things may come up (we're looking at a doozy of a fire season) but as of now, here are some (very, very) rough estimates of our trajectory on the trail:

Start (Harts Pass, WA): June 15
Cascade Locks (WA/OR border): Mid-late July
Crater Lake: Late July
Ashland: Early August
Seiad Valley (OR/CA border): Mid August
High Sierra (Sonora Pass): Early September*
Yosemite: Mid/Late September
Kennedy Meadows: Late September/Early October
Mojave Desert: Mid/Late October
End (US/Mexico Border, Campo, CA): Late October/ Early November

*We'll be taking a couple days off in Strawberry, CA to relax, shower, feast, etc. Come hang out!

Again, these are rough estimates. If you want to join/say hey/tend to our blisters etc. let me know! You'll have to take charge of your food, gear, and transportation because we will obviously be unable to communicate effectively.

On a marginally related note, my trail journals are here, thanks to my great (in quality, not genealogy) aunt Nora! Thanks, Nora!

I'm excited to fill them with complaints about my feet and how I hate camping and stuff.


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