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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Look! Same Great Taste.

The blog has been revamped! With the help of my tech-savvy cousin and some fancy computer voodoo, the blog is sleek, sexy and ready to go. The background is a shot I took on my first backpacking trip ever in the Marble Mountain Wilderness, which I learned only about a year ago is actually located along the PCT, which means that the PCT was the first place I ever backpacked. Kinda poetic, huh? Yeah, it is. To the right of the text you'll notice a map. My plan to keep the blog updated is to periodically call my lovely, spiffy parents and dictate my trail journal and my GPS coordinates when I find some cell reception, and they will subsequently post the transcript here. On that map, we'll add a little hiker icon for each post in the location I was when I wrote it. Hopefully we'll be able to put a picture there as well. When you click on the little hiker dudes/dudettes, you'll also find a link to the corresponding journal entry. How neat is that? Pretty neat.


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