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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

All Systems Go

I’m leaving today! I’m driving up to Seattle with my parents and I’ll be on trail early Saturday morning. The last couple weeks have been an insane blur of logistical chaos. Somehow, all my boxes are packed and labeled, all my gear is in the same place, my food has been sorted, and I feel ready. The realness of everything hit me the other night like a ton of bricks and I haven’t really slept since. I still hardly believe it’s actually here. The forecast is pretty grim for the first week. It’s supposed to be rain/snow/wintry mix for at least the first few days of hiking. Combine that with the heaviest pack I’ll have on the entire trail, and you’ve got a nice trial by fire for my hiking experience.

Here goes!


Mini likes Costco!

Boxes for days. Boxes for months.

Sawing off my toothbrush handle feels like some weird thru-hiker rite of passage.

Joey, helping me save weight wherever possible.


  1. You look and sound ready ,Tim. Be smart, hike safely and Happy Trails.

  2. Will be eagerly awaiting updates and marveling at the wonders you'll be seeing. Proud and amazed, happy trails, Tim!