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Friday, June 27, 2014

So many feels

Day 1 6/13
Mileage .2

The trip feels unreal so far. Today has been a surreal blur of events. To think that after two years of planning, this hike is finally becoming a reality is mind boggling. Anyway, disbelief aside, we are the first sobos (PCT speak for southbounder) on the trail! That will probably end tomorrow morning around 5am when the snow safety class rolls through, but just for a quarter mile, I was breaking the first trail on the northern part of the PCT! That's pretty cool. I have heard stories of the harrowing traverses we will have to contend with, and I'm nervous about them. I'm hoping to catch up to the group that will pass us tomorrow for some extra security. It would be nice to have some extra sets of eyes around. There is a lot of snow. We are winter camping. It's supposed to rain/snow/slush on us tonight, and I hope my stuff stays dry. I also hope bears don't get it. That would suck. I also hope my parents make it back down the road alright. It's very sketchy and steep. I miss them already.

This area is gorgeous. I think the north cascades highway has to be one of the prettiest roads ever. I hope we get some views tomorrow. It's very foggy now. It's amazing, sitting in my tent, to think that this is my home for the next five months. Unreal. It's cozy and very spacious, for a small tent. Homey. I like it. It's almost 10pm, and I must rest. It's still light out, though. What's the deal, Washington? I'm excited to see what tomorrow will bring.

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