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Friday, June 27, 2014

At home at Hart's

Day 7 6/19
Mileage 0

Back at good old Hart's pass. Yay. We dropped off Michael and Mark at rainy pass. I hope our paths cross again. It was wonderful to see the area in the daylight. The mountains here have their own unique flavor. They're young, craggy, steep, and intimidating. On our third trip to Hart's pass, we encountered Dennis, a recently retired army Sargent who's moving to Oregon to teach high school. This hike is his "gift to himself". He's headed south from the pass to Northern California. I voiced my concern about this section, which is supposedly even sketchier than the one I did, but he didn't seem dissuaded. I hope to God I'm not the last one to see him alive. Tomorrow I strike out early to get in some serious mileage. I stashed my snowshoes where Blackhawk Down got picked up, at Jim pass, which is 8 miles in. Tomorrow I'm going in to get them. I am quite nervous to be going back in alone, and I'm grateful for Dennis' company at the pass tonight. His kickoff meal was steak. Way to start in style, Dennis. He offered me some but it's past my bedtime already and I must sleep. This 8-mile section isn't too treacherous, but I'm going prepared to spend the night out there just the same. I don't want to have to, though. I'll be relieved to meet up with the rest of the group, to put this logistical hullabaloo behind me. 16 miles. Out and back. Then, off to the wonderful Dinsmores! But for now, Hart's pass. And it's raining. Classic Washington.

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