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Friday, June 27, 2014

Turns out I'm good at hiking

Day 8 6/20
Mileage 26

Today was awesome. I slept in a half hour, so I didn't get on trail until about 5:30. Freezing rain. I have decided to call freezing rain "Washington sunshine". I caught the last vestiges of the of the sunrise illuminating the peaks around me with a reddish golden glow. The trail was covered pretty soon into the hike, with a little reprieve a mile in. The snow is definitely lower than it was last week. Soon, I was traversing again. I listened to music to give me a boost. Turns out, ibuprofen+music=Tim's the bossliest hiker around. I made it to my snowshoes before 9 am. That's eight miles of snowy mountains in three and a half hours. Not too shabby. I grabbed a quick snack and headed back to Hart's, which is becoming sort of a weird home base. I made it back before 1:00, so I grabbed my bear canister and started walking down the road to meet my parents, who were going to meet me at Hart's at 3:00. 3:00 passed and I walked on. 10 miles later, I discovered that the gate had been re-locked while I was hiking. So my already highest-mileage day of 16 turned into a literal marathon 26 miles. I iced my lower body in the river, ate a lot, hobbled around for a while and then slept like death itself for 13 hours. Feelin' good.

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