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Friday, June 27, 2014

Reaching Valhalla

Day 9 6/21
Mileage 6

Happy summer! It's freezing, and there's 10 feet of snow on the ground. But hey! It's not raining! Today We drove from Ballard campground near Hart's pass to Stevens pass. I are a bunch of good food. I finally satisfied my bizarre craving for eggs Benedict, which I had never even had before. We had these potatoes that were just wonderful. You might not think you could improve on regular pan-fried potatoes much, but wow. The secret was pan-frying in clarified butter. Then, we stopped in Winthrop, an over-the-top western town that makes a mean espresso and strawberry/cream croissant. I thought I just heard a bear in camp but I think Zoe's making weird noises. Hey! The gang's all here! After my parents and I dined in Leavenworth, an even more over-the-top Bavarian town, with store names like "der clothes wash", I started hiking at Stevens pass, desperately trying to reach the group before dark. They had started several hours before and were camped about six miles in. I reached them in two hours, including a 1000 foot climb in 10 feet of snow, which rendered the trail completely invisible. We're camped now next to Lake Valhalla. It is a lake befitting of its epic name. It's nestled in between a couple of steep peaks and more mountains stretch out into the distance in front of us. Tonight is the first night I've seen stars on the trail. I like them! Soon it might even be warm! That would be nice.

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