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Friday, June 27, 2014

Getting my trail legs

Day 11 6/23
Mileage 4.5

Today, I did not feel quite so good, knee-wise. It was frustrating, given that the miles weren't that challenging. I was tired, too. My legs felt good besides the knee, though. We had made it about two miles in when will twisted his ankle. We decided to return to last night's campsite, rather than continue. Will wasn't really feeling prepared for these conditions and has decided to return home to recover and train and will meet us in Cascade Locks. We begin hiking out tomorrow, hoping to make it to Lake Valhalla. I'm beginning to get on a real hiker'a schedule. It's 8pm and it feels like bedtime was an hour ago. It's still bright as day, though. Not even a hint of sunlight.

I'm a bit apprehensive about the next few resupplies, which culminate in a 148-mile schlep from white pass to cascade locks. If we continue doing the kind of mileage we have, it will be all but impossible. The sections south if here will have less snow, though. Hopefully. That should make a truly enormous difference in ease of walking. The need to calculate every footfall is both mentally and physical exhausting. I have faith that these difficulties will make us appreciate the rest of the trail even more. I just stated a new page in my journal so I feel like I should write more. However, I have said all I feel I need to say. But wait! I lost my first toenail today! Left pinky is donezo. But pinky toes are barely even toes, and that guy was on his way out before the hike anyway, so counting this as an actual lost toenail is questionable. Updates as events develop.

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