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Friday, June 27, 2014

Snow far snow good

Day 12 6/24
Mileage 4

Again at lake Valhalla! What a great spot. Knee was not bad. The hiking was easier and much faster than yesterday. We got to camp during the early afternoon and played in the snow for a while. Kyle just finished his second dinner. Hiker hunger is beginning to hit us. This morning was a beautiful ascent through misty firs, with glimpses of verdant valleys just beyond. Tomorrow, we reach the Dinsmores' and hopefully finish the last of our snow hiking for a good while. Yippee! I've realized that it's been almost two weeks since I left, and I still feel like this is just a preview. I've been backpacking for more days on this trip than on any other single backpacking trip, I think. There's none of the antsiness I sometimes feel to get back to the front country. I am content where I am, and this is good.


  1. Sliding down a glacier is called Glacading. Not sure what it's called on general snow. :-D

  2. Either way it looks like a BLAST! :-) Enjoy and be safe - Bonnie [friend of Peter's mom!]