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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back in action

Day 16 6/28

Mileage 12 ish

Back in the woods! Susan, one of the trail people, was nice enough to give us a ride to the trailhead. It's great how the trail makes these instant bonds between people. We chatted like we had known each other for much longer than 12 hours. She dropped us off at the Deception Creek trailhead, which wound its way up through gorgeous, lush forest. We quickly ascended about 2000 feet. A steady rain, interspersed with small periods of sunlight, fell as we climbed. Sometime in the mid-afternoon, we hit snow again. Yippee! After some navigational difficulties, we were back on track, over deception pass, and headed down towards Hyas Lake. The climb up felt great. I felt re-energized and rejuvenated after our zeroes. The trip down was rough on the knee, but the pain wasn't unmanageable. In camp, everything was wet, everything was mosquitoes. We tried the PCT bear bagging method for the first time. Nifty! Kyle had some especially creative approaches to the technique. It's 8:00 now. Very tired after our first real day of hiking of the whole trip, basically. The absence of snow for most of today was fantastic. It rained pretty much all day, but we somehow managed to remain somewhat dry. Tomorrow's supposed to be drizzly, but it should get sunny and beautiful early next week. It'll be nice to have a chance to dry. In summary: first pretty big day, not too much snow, lots of rain, mosquitoes, sleepy.

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