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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Deep Lake, Deep Thoughts

Day 17 6/29
Mileage 10
Camped at Deep Lake

Today was great. Easy mileage followed by a fat climb, into snow for a little while. Fortunately, the snowy part was pretty flat compared to what we dealt with yesterday. We're camped by Deep Lake, a fantastic spot surrounded by giant peaks. It's a large lake, maybe a little under a mile long, and two long, steep cascades feed it from the opposite end, their thundering clearly audible even from here. There are no mosquitoes here either! Double win! After dinner, a thin, persistent rain began to fall, not enough to soak us, but enough to drive us into our tents. I feel like we're starting to hit a rhythm and ramping up our mileage in the near future is seeming more realistic. I'm finally getting more into the "I'm really outside" kind of mentality that I've been hoping to achieve. I feel more at ease here, more relaxed, than I have on previous trips. I also feel less stressed than I've felt in a while. We're trying for an 18 mile day tomorrow, the group's longest by far. It doesn't look too bad, but it's a big step, so we'll see how it goes. If it's difficult, it won't be because of lack of sleep, certainly. It's still raining, no reason to leave the tent, nothing to do in the tent besides sleep, so it's looking like another 12 hour sleep night for Tim. Awright.

Deep Lake campsite ain't too shabby. 

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