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Sunday, July 20, 2014

'Murica day

Day 22 7/4
Mileage? Nope.
Camped at Mirror Lake, WA

First on trail zero=fantastic on trail zero. Gorgeous day, went floating on the lake on our sleeping pads, campfire, ate, looked at the lake, snacked, and ate. We hung out with two other campers, Melissa and Jen, who were at the lake for the night. They were very hospitable. Jen had just adopted a section of the PCT, which involves monitoring its condition and coordinating efforts with trail crews. She taught us that apparently, in nationally designated wilderness areas, where mechanized equipment (including chainsaws) is prohibited, to clear large trees from the trail, they use dynamite. They literally just blow them up. It seems like that might be even less wilderness-y than chainsaws, but still, pretty sweet. It's really awesome how everyone we meet is so eager and excited to help us. We've been psyching ourselves up for 20 miles tomorrow. Big day. The next section may end up being the hardest of the trip. Need to make miles+snow+high elevation=hard. Hopefully we don't have to bail. Zoe is going to go back to Snoqualmie and meet us in Cascade Locks with Will. Tomorrow is when the pressure starts. These longer resupplies require absurd amounts of food, so it becomes very difficult to lengthen a week-long resupply when you're already carrying around 20 pounds of food. I decided yesterday, during my almost not-failed attempt to hike the day's mileage in two hours, that something isn't really a challenge unless you're not sure you can do it. If everything you set out to do is definitely achievable, you won't ever really be challenged. Now I sleep.

Mirror Lake? Breezy Lake. 

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