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Sunday, July 20, 2014

20 for the win

Day 23 7/5
Mileage 20.5
Camped at Tacoma Pass, WA

We were kept awake until the wee hours by a band of rowdy hooligans in the site next to us. So, after two hours of sleep, we embarked on the group's higher mileage day yet. Fortunately, the day ended much better than it started. Today was much drier, hotter, and lower than previous days. Kyle did some exploring this morning, adding a mile or so to his day. I hiked alone until around 11 (on trail around 8). Listened to some music, crushed some miles. Most of the day was through shorter growth that looked like it was recovering from a logging operation. It had a very different feel than the last few days. We're exhausted but content.

Foot maintenance

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