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Monday, August 11, 2014

Oregon: The Promised Land

Day 39 7/21
Mileage 0

We awoke in time for breakfast next door, and had one last dip in the pool before we checked out. We immediately ran into Shrek, a local trail angel. We picked up our boxes and made our way up to his house. There, we met Wet Burrito, a friendly, curly-haired nobo on his way to breakfast. We sorted through our resupply boxes in Shrek's backyard. It was like Christmas! We switched out our heavier, dirty gear for lighter stuff, and switched our boots out for trail runners. Shrek and his dog, Nelly, got home and he came over and chatted for a while. He's in the process of revamping his backyard to make it more suitable for hikers. He's already got a tree platform that he's making into a treehouse, and he's adding a Hobbit hole, a hot tub, and a hiker dorm/common space under his deck. Awesome! He just switched to a full-time job and has been busy, so I offered to help him finish up the gravel driveway he'd been putting in. We finished it in an hour or so, and then we went down to the new brewery in town. It was a great spot right on the Columbia River. Shrek had already arrived and had bought us a pitcher when we got there. What a guy! Then, we discovered that they had Settlers of Catan, objectively the best board game in the world, and our afternoon was immediately booked solid. Wet Burrito joined up and we taught Shrek how to play. We wiled away the hours with board games and good conversation. We walked over to Thunder Island, ate a ton of blackberries, had dinner, shopped for tomorrow, got talk to by a woman for a good 20 minutes after inquiring about a nifty tree in her yard (it's called a Monkey tree, apparently, look 'em up, they're crazy looking), wandered around town looking for a place to poop (Shrek's hiker bathroom isn't ready yet), and went to bed.

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