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Monday, August 11, 2014

Waterfalls and Such

Day 40 7/22
Mileage 16-18ish?
Camped at Wahtum Lake

During the wee hours last night, it began to drizzle. The tree we were sleeping in/under had thick leaves, but before long, the rain had penetrated, and we too were drizzed upon. I grabbed my tent in my bleary state and draped it over me, hoping that the floor was indeed waterproof. It was, fortunately, and I finished the night damp, at worst. I packed up and headed into town for a coffee, had a great breve at Jumpin' Jax Java and chatted with Jackson, the guy running the place, for about an hour. He had just opened up in the last couple months and seemed to be doing well. Really nice guy, made great coffee. I mailed my extra gear home, Frankensteining together a box for my ice axe. Then, we were off! We took the apparently more used Eagle Creek alternate route, and we're glad we did. It was fantastically lush and beautiful, following Eagle Creek through falls, clear pools, channels, and rapids up to Tunnel Falls, a waterfall with the trail blasted behind it. Then, we wound up to the South, through misty forest, to Wahtum Lake, Tomorrow, we're aiming for around 24 miles. It's nice to be back on trail. And so nice that the trail's in Oregon now!

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