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Monday, August 11, 2014


Day 37 7/19
Mileage 22.6 (+1 bonus)
Camped by Cedar Creek

Today was quite a day. It was one of our highest mileage days, combined with a record 6100' of elevation gain. I'd say we pretty much killed it. The forest was beautiful. In places I felt almost as if I were among the Redwoods. We planned to get water at a spring that ended up not being a spring, and hiked another 8 thirsty miles to camp. At one point, we came to a road, and saw another hiker's stuff in a campsite by a dirt road. Upon closer inspection, it turned out it wasn't just any hiker, but Zoe! Her stuff, anyway. Zoe was nowhere to be found. After some searching, we did finally find her in a patch of sun charging her phone, and all hiked the remaining mileage to camp together. Town tomorrow! Hooray! I haven't been in a real town for well over a month now. I'm ready for a bed and a burger. And some ice cream. And cookies. And chocolate milk. Leafy greens! My word, am I ever excited for leafy greens.

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