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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Free Ice Cream is the Best Ice Cream

Day 57 8/8
Mileage 20 (+4)
Camped at Hyatt Lake Campground

After some words of encouragement from our new Nobo pals, we left our little shelter home and set off. We hiked up, hiked down, saw a bunch of trees, met some more Nobos, and hiked some more. The terrain finally began to change toward the end of the day. Everything became incredibly dry. Oak trees dotted golden, grassy hillsides and reminded me of the East Bay. No wonder everything's on fire. All day, we were leapfrogging with Bones and Pidgeon, but at the end, our break schedules finally lined up, and we hiked as the great sobo pack! We were rolling deep. People asked us if they were starting to hit the sobo herd, and we responded that we ARE the herd. We heard tales all day of free ice cream at the lake store, which supposedly closed at 8. Imagine our sadness when we walked a full 1.5 miles to find it closed! It was a deep, deep agony of the heart and stomach. But, fortune had it that Betty (bless her heart) was just closing up and soon came out with ice cream cones! All was well after that. We limped back to the campsite, feeling strange and unstable without the weight of our packs. We enjoyed the luxury of free hot showers and now we rest, clean and tired.

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