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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Zero at Brown Water Shelter

Day 56 8/7
Mileage 0
Brown Mountain Shelter

What a day it of socializing! We saw tons and tons of people, including Donald! People were excited that we were Sobo-ing, and more excited that we had filtered some of the nearby dishwater-colored pump water for them. I mended my shorts and they look fantastic, I must say. Then we saw some OTHER SOBOS! WHAT?!? SO EXCITING! We were overjoyed to have someone else around who understands what we went through in Washington.

I had met Bones and Pidgeon on my way to the monument, actually, just before I reached Canada. Maybe we'll see them a lot more! We're hiking at similar paces. We are now the Sobo "pack". We definitely comprise at least half of this year's Sobo Class.

Sobos 4 ever!

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