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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Grub at Grubb

Day 72 8/23
Mileage 20
Camped near Peter Grubb Hut

I did some extra sleeping this morning, and caught up with the guys a half-hour in. We reached a new high point of the trip, over 8300', and we can certainly feel the difference. The air pressure at 8000' feet is about 75% of sea level pressure, meaning we have to breathe 33% more to get the same amount of oxygen. It makes us all very sleepy. We took a side trip to a big ol' lake and hung out there for a while. It's nice doing relaxed enough mileage to be able to take side trips. It's nice to not feel constrained by the need to make miles. We got to the Peter Grubb hut to find it in the midst of a renovation. We were disappointed at first, but we got to talk to the crew of really nice guys (and one nice woman) working on it through the Sierra Club. They were also nice enough to share some of their wine and leafy greens. Hooray, antioxidants and fiber! I am now quite sleepy, and off to bed I go.

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