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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Milkshakes, Loitering, Spinach

Day 76 8/27
Mileage 19
Camped at Benwood Meadows Creek

We awoke early at Dick's Lake to make the 15 miles to Echo Lake before the post office closed at 2. We made it! But first, we saw some incredibly beautiful lakes. Aloha Lake (another one for the pocket) was just stunning. Countless small islands dotted the lake's surface, which seemed to extend endlessly in front of us. Just a quick aside, Pete is currently trying to stick his stove in his armpit. We've officially cracked, ladies and gentlemen. We walked with a guy named Kurt for a while as we concluded our descent into Echo Lake. I had a stupendous milkshake and sandwich, and we luxuriated on the lawn for a long while. We restocked our packs, chatted with a nice other couple of hikers, whose dog really didn't like my sombrero, and finally set off around 5 pm. We found the first stream and stopped. We were strangely exhausted from all the hanging out we did earlier. Kyle got some spinach at Echo Lake, and saut├ęd it. SO GOOD.

Aloha to you too

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