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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Desolation Funtimes

Day 75 8/26
Mileage 20
Camped at Dick's Lake

I awoke this morning to find that disaster had struck overnight. The same varmints that had eaten Pete's underwear had eaten the straps off my trekking poles! Who does that? So, with woefully unsupported hands, I hurried to catch up with the group, which was meeting Zoe at Barker Pass. I'm almost out of food, so my breakfast consisted of a couple of Kyle's weird whole grain tortillas with Mrs. Dash. What a lousy morning. Things soon improved, fortunately. We met Zoe, and reunited, we all headed down the trail. We lunched at Richardson Lake, a goopy but pretty body of water, which let us 11 miles until our campsite at Dick's Lake. I was keen on getting into camp early, so I set off at a decent pace, which became more and more indecent as I decided to push myself the last few miles. I easily achieved my goal of a 4 mph average, and arrived in camp in the early afternoon. I got into the habit of jogging the downhills and flats, when the tread was nice. This extra speed was only partially about getting into camp early. Over the last few days, an idea has taken root in my mind. I almost hesitate to put it in writing for fear that it will look ridiculous. On Friday, I'm going to attempt a 50 mile day, beginning at Carson Pass. It will mostly be around 9000 feet, with over 10,000 feet of elevation gain. Yeah, it looks stupid now that I write it. I'm going to try anyway. On Thursday night, I'll camp just North of Carson pass, and book it toward Sonora Pass, stopping either once I hit 50 miles, at Sonora Pass, which would be just a hair over 60 miles, or until I collapse, whichever comes first. Traditionally, people attempt 50 milers in Oregon, where the terrain is flat, smooth, and low. I missed my chance to do a 50 in Oregon, but I still want to do a 50, and there's no time like the present. I'll wake up at midnight and start walking, and see what happens. Maybe I'll only make it 40, maybe I'll make it five and break my leg. We'll see.

Anyway, I got to camp around 3:30, hung out, washed my socks (ewww!) sat on a rock, had a strange disjointed dinner consisting of the dregs of some instant mashed potatoes, a packet of Ramen, a Knorr alfredo pasta dish, a packet of chicken noodle soup, sunflower seeds, and some corn nuts. We're in Desolation Wilderness now, and it's epic. It's got a great high alpine feel. I passed Fontanillis Lake toward the end of the day, which has to be one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Set in a granite bowl, its deeply emerald water is dotted with granite islands. I could spend a week exploring its coves, easily. I'll certainly be returning there in the future, so I'm putting it in my pocket for later. Echo Lake tomorrow. Post office closes at 2, and it's 15 miles, so we have to hustle, or I may starve. Somehow, I had the willpower to save an Odwalla bar for breakfast tomorrow. Thanks, Past Tim!

Campsite at Dick's Lake

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