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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Peter Gets Buttmunched

Day 74 8/25
Mileage 19
Camped at the North Fork of Blackwood Creek

It was quite chilly last night. Fortunately, our spot was more sheltered than previous nights, and there was little wind. Peter woke up to find that his boxers had been eaten overnight by some sort of fauna. The scourge! We set off an ounce lighter along the ridge. We stayed on said ridge much of the day, getting noticeably closer to Tahoe. The wind built steadily over the course of the day, and by afternoon, a thunderstorm had amassed above us. We scurried along the ridge and luckily avoided it, getting only a smattering of raindrops in camp. We watched a terrific sunset over Tahoe. Another near perfect day in the Sierras, save for one significantly munched undergarment.

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