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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sheltering at the Cove

Day 51  8/2
Mileage 10
Camped at Shelter Cove Resort

I allowed myself to sleep a luxurious 12 hours last night.  I arose and began the hike down to Shelter Cove.  The trail meandered past the Rosary Lakes, which are gorgeous.  The smoke in the air cast a golden glow over everything.  I made it down to Shelter Cove around 2 and met so many Nobos!  A huge group was hanging out by the store, a few of whom were from the Bay Area. We're hoping to meet up potentially after the hike. They were all very nice.  Blackhawk Down was there, too!  It's awesome to see him back on the trail after the accident. He's planning on doing the Sierras Nobo after getting to the border, then Nobo'ing the desert.  We also saw Arctic Fox, a Dutch Woman who will be flipping down to the Sierras after finishing the Northern portion. It was moving to see their group's supporting dynamic, especially considering they mostly didn't know each after before the hike. We ended up just camping at the resort. Nice day, nice people.

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