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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mrs. Dash, Ladies and Gentlemen

Day 50 8/1
Mileage 33

Staying at Maiden Peak Nordic Ski Shelter.

Last night was about as rough as anticipated. The storm went right over us, bringing with it torrential downpours lightning, and threatening thunder. So, after a couple hours of uneasy sleep, I set off at 7 for my highest mileage day yet.  The morning was full of thunderstorms, rain and smoke, apparently from a new fire.  The terrain was flat as anything and I had little trouble maintaining 3.5 mph, including stopping to talk to some other hikers and an emergency poop. I ran for a while, but then it got too hot, and I didn't want to totally destroy my body. 

I've got my trail name!  Mrs. Dash.  Partially because I put Mrs. Dash on everything, but also because of my plan to dash around to meet the group.  Yay!  In the afternoon I kicked more ass and met a bunch of cool people, including Melinda who is hitch hiking Oregon and lives in SoCal and offered to help us in any way when we get there!  Thanks, Medulla.  I sauntered into the shelter at 7:30. This included a lovely break at Chelton Lake, which was cut short by thunder.   I don't think I ate quite enough during the day, so I demolished 2,500 calories at dinner upon arriving.  Go, me!  Gear Slut is here from the Bay Area! That's neat! We talked about gear for a while and he's hopefully going to connect me with some other Bay-based long-distance hikers.  I feel accomplished and badass.

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