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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mosquito Purgatory?

Day 49 7/31
Mileage 24
Camped at Dumbell Lake

Today was the group's highest mileage day yet! It was gorgeous and open.  Really nice.  The trail went over wide open meadows dotted all over with wildflowers. We met a ton of nobos, all of whom described the upcoming stretch as mosquito hell. They obviously had not been to White Pass, and we drifted through with nary a bite. We think they're just wusses. Plan changes abound today. Kyle's going to help Will train for awhile and meet us in Ashland, and the rest of the group wants to be able to take it a little easier, so they have decided to skip a section of trail in Northern California, about 200-300 miles.  This presents me with an opportunity to truly test my mettle.  I need to make up those miles before Strawberry, preferably sooner. They will take a few days off and start up slow. This means I will have to average 28-30 miles a day, every day, for around 2-3 weeks. I relish the challenge and this will surely be my biggest yet. I plan to test the feasibility of this plan by hiking 32 miles tomorrow to a shelter around 7 miles before Shelter Cove. Allons-y!

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