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Monday, August 11, 2014

Skirting the Stormy Sisters

Day 48 7/30
Mileage 23
Camped just outside Obsidian Flat Area, Three Sisters Wilderness

Big day today. The hike Began in a large burn area that quickly gave way to gnarly lava beds. Those things were sweet. Jagged, black rock with almost no signs of anything growing. Not the easiest on the feet, but awesome nonetheless. We met Iceberg and Plant, and around noon we ran into trail magic, courtesy of Coppertone! Root beer floats! Aren't people awesome? They could not have come at a better time. The lava was basically like an oven and I was sweating more than I had on the rest of the trip. We then climbed up toward the Three Sisters (and the aptly named Mt. Bachelor, looming in the background). The landscape was otherworldly. We passed uncomfortably close to a large thunderstorm on the Sisters. There's more in the forecast for the next couple days. Hopefully we miss the bulk of it. The day ended on a sweet obsidian field. Shards of black, glassy rock lay strewn everywhere. This area is really awesome.


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