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Monday, August 11, 2014

Hot Hot Hot

Day 47 7/29
Mileage 24
Camped ~3 miles from BLYC

After playing some hackysack to warm up our legs, we set off toward our next resupply, Big Lake Youth Camp. It was hot. Really, really damn hot. Most of the day was through burn areas, so no shade either. We saw 3-Finger Jack, a super sweet gnarly mountain, and views of the three sisters, where a thunderstorm was punctuating our afternoon with low rumblings. We got a bit of weird, sunny rain, but not enough to cool us off. There was a cache of sodas at Santiam Pass. Yay! Today, we also passed the nobo 2000 mile mark! Under 2000 to go! Big Lake Youth Camp was great, incredibly hospitable. We got to do laundry, shower, organize, etc. We're upping our mileage now. We have to average 23 miles a day to make it out of the high Sierras by October 1st. Hopefully we all hold up. We'll be getting on trail earlier, maybe taking a siesta, and hiking longer. 23 miles a day gives us about 6 zero days between now and then. Up up and away!

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