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Monday, August 11, 2014

In which we only hike 8 miles but really enjoy ourselves

Day 46 7/28
Mileage 8.5 (ha.)
Camped at Rockpile Lake

Today, we decided to hike a paltry 8.5 miles to Rockpile Lake so Peter could meet back up with us. Zoe wants a shorter day tomorrow, so she decided to hike 20 today and meet us at Big Lake Youth Camp. We woke up at a leisurely 8, and left at an even more leisurely 10. The terrain today was very volcanic. Red, dusty soil and black lava rocks made parts of the trail look like Mars. Kyle got the idea to take a picture of all the nobos he sees and make a collage, and we stopped and chatted with all the hikers we met. Even with the breaks and decently hilly terrain, we sauntered into camp shortly after 1. We went floating for a while on the lake, stretched, and organized our packs. We met a nice French couple and convinced them to abandon their high-mileage ambitions and camp with us for the night. Company! We chatted with them for several hours before heading to bed. Easy 21 tomorrow. Resupply day!

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