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Monday, August 11, 2014

Jefferson, Germans, and Joviality

Day 45 7/27
Mileage 20-ish
Camped at Shale Lake

We began our day with a long climb through patchy snow up to a ridge with fantastic views of Mt. Jefferson. The terrain was rocky, I watched my footing and the miles blurred together. We met some more nobos today. We made our way around Jefferson, a truly elegant and stately peak. The small patch of snow almost made me nostalgic for Washington. We got into camp and met Fritz and Eva, a German couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. We hung out with them for several hours talking about cultural differences, such as grown men wearing short pants. Fritz remarked "You Americans crossed the opera and the sauna and you got short pants." That may be true, but civilization and culture, in my opinion, are not worth the swamp-butt. They were great company, super friendly, and very funny. We shared some tea, and must have conversed for at least two or three hours. We then retired to our campsite, made a little fire, and watched the sunset painting Jefferson in a myriad different pinks, oranges, and reds. There's a family of deer here that have been bopping about, too. Nice place, nice people.

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