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Monday, August 11, 2014

Magic For Days

Day 44 7/26
Mileage 11
Camped by Upper Lake

Today was very trail magic-y (trail magical?). We made our way around Timothy Lake, passing tons of horses (and stepping in lots of horse poo- why don't they use those horse poop bags?) until we came to forest route 42, where the northern end of the Logging Unit fire closure is. It was a long hitch on tiny roads with no shoulder to get around, so we started south on the road, holding out our thumbs for passing cars. Hikers don't like walking on roads. Even though it's less hilly, it destroys your body. Feet, joints, shoes, road walks eat them for breakfast. We got to a ranger station and opted to hitch from there in the shade. We had been there maybe 10 minutes when a car going the opposite direction stopped and offered us food. We told the driver that we had more than we could eat, but then she says no, she has real food. Burgers and donuts. Maybe the two words I most wanted to hear. Her name was Drop n' Roll, with her friend, Rockin'. They had the intention of doing trail magic by Ollalie Lake, but didn't come across any hikers, so they were excited to have found hikers to feed. THEY were excited to feed US! Aren't people awesome?! We hung out there for a while, and Drop n' Roll gave us a ride! She made a potentially awful day into a truly magical one. We hiked to Ollalie Lake, where the nice woman working at the store gave us frozen blueberries. We ate them on the porch, gazing out over the lake and Mt. Jefferson. We meandered into camp around 6, dipped in the lake, and now we sleep.

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