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Monday, October 20, 2014

Kyle's Last Day

Day 114 10/4
Mileage 19
Camped at Walker Pass CG

We got the hell out of our campsite as soon as we were ready. Joshua trees began to emerge as the dominant vegetation, replacing the Pinyon Pines, really driving home the being-in-the-desert-ness of our situation. We tackled a large hill in the afternoon, and halfway to the top, we ran into Blackhawk Down! He's headed north from Walker pass. I hope the Sierra treat him well. Had some nice views of the valley and Ridgecrest. Today was Kyle's last day on the trail. It will be very strange without him around. Doesn't really feel like he's leaving yet. Tomorrow it may begin to sink in. Today's hiking was gorgeous, in a desert-y way. The Joshua trees intermingling with oaks and lavender made a lovely backdrop for today's miles.

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