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Monday, October 20, 2014

We almost didn't have water today.

Day 115 10/5
Mileage 20.5
Camped at Bird Spring Pass

I woke just as the sun came over the hill side, immediately bringing the air temperature from freezing to sweltering. Kyle headed out to start hitching, and we hiked up a big hill. We got to the top, which was oddly wide and flat, and bopped around there until the afternoon, when we were treated to some beautiful vistas of the Owens Valley. The moon rose as we descended to bird spring pass and I could see my moonshadow long before the sky was dark. It's almost full and it's more than enough light to see by. We rejoiced to find some water left in the cache. I'm very grateful to whomever stocks these things. Water. What an issue up here. I was carrying 2 gallons today. It was enough to stay well hydrated, fortunately. When you've got almost 20 pounds of water on your back, there's plenty of incentive to drink it.

The Owens Valley

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