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Monday, October 20, 2014

Today was basically that U2 album.

Day 116 10/6
Mileage 15
Camped by Kelso Valley Road

It was real hot today. Yeow. Occasionally, there was a Joshua tree whose spines provided a bit of respite from the baking sun. The small amount of water in the cache meant I had to budget myself. I never got too dehydrated, but I would have loved some more. There were lots of Joshua trees today, actually. It's a marked increase from yesterday. Everything just gets so dry out here. My skin, my eyes, my nose-I've decided to embrace it as the new status quo. This campsite is pretty sweet. We are on a rise in the middle of a huge valley. A windfarm is visible off in the distance. Every once in a while, we hear the yipping of some distant coyotes, as if to really drive home the fact that we're in the desert. I really like that moment in the evening when the moon shadows are just beginning to appear. The sunset is still illuminating the hills, the sky is a light orange fading into a deep blue, and it's the perfect temperature. Maybe my favorite desert time of day. We're going to try to shift our hiking schedule earlier on account of the heat. We're getting on trail at 7:30 tomorrow, working our way to 5:00 or 6:00 in the next couple days.

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