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Monday, October 20, 2014

The Early Robin Bird Gets the Spring

Day 117 10/7
Mileage 14
Camped at Robin Bird Spring

We were on the trail by 7:30 this morning, and what a difference it made! First of all, it meant we got a gorgeous desert sunrise. Also, it was a reasonable temperature when we got to walking. Today was much shadier than yesterday, providing a welcome respite from the sun. There were trees today! Lots of oak of several varieties, making for some familiar sights and smells. Some of them were deciduous, and we got some nice fall colors! It was the only indication of fall's arrival, since it was still a kabillion degrees. We got into camp around 2:30, another nice benefit of leaving early. The spring was flowing (yay!) And we filled some jugs and left them in the sun. We took turns pouring them over each other's head, and voilĂ ! Hot shower. Warmer than my ice cold shower at Kennedy Meadows, anyway. I'm slightly less dirty and it feels great. Going to bed at 6 PM. We won't have water until Highway 58, at the end of this resupply, so were tanking up with 3 gallons each and hitting the trail early.

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