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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Muir Pastime

Day 100! 9/20
Mileage 15
Camped at Evolution Lake

Today was a big, long, slow climb up towards Muir Pass. Even though we're camping about 3000 feet higher than we started, it felt easy because it was so gradual. We entered to Kings Canyon National Park today, and followed the San Joaquin River through a wonderful valley. In the afternoon, we just barely avoided a huge storm behind us as we crossed Evolution Meadow. The ford of Evolution Creek was, unsurprisingly, a total non-issue. The mountains around here are incredible. Inviting but forbidding, picturesque but harsh, these massive peaks are imbued with a beauty that is accurately described as powerful. We continued up to Evolution Lake, nestled among 13,000 foot peaks. The storm was worrisome, but seemed to mostly pass us by. We had some stargazing time as lightning seemed to flash everywhere else around us. I thought we had missed the bulk of it, but as I began to write, a few raindrops began to hit the tent. Now, the whole sky is roaring with wind that sounds as if it may blow even these granites behemoths away. Luckily, my tent is nestled in between a large rock and some trees, and the wind that would surely blow it and all my belongings to the corners of the earth is barely bending the poles. But wow, what a sound! The volume is oppressive, its strength, though I can only imagine how strong it must be, is terrifying. Everything about it is truly magnificent.

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