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Monday, October 20, 2014

Surprise 30, part II

Day 122 10/12
Mileage 31
Camped by LA aqueduct

Today began with a long, sandy descent to the Mojave floor. The temperature rose with each step, and by noon, it was already siesta time. We hit the siesta hard today, and stopped for around four hours. I was asleep for at least one and a half of them. I blearily tanked up on water from the scuzzy trickle that was our "large, reliable water source", and good thing, because when we arrived at Cottonwood Creek, where the water report promised a running faucet, we found everything bone dry. Next water: 17 miles. It worked out pretty well, in the end. These 17 miles are the flattest of the entire trail, and are pretty low (Around 3000 feet) so it wouldn't have been fun in the heat of the day. We're closer to civilization then we've been in a while. We walked through a few gauntlets of barking dogs. We can still hear them in the distance, but even that can't keep me awake anymore.

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