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Sunday, October 19, 2014

We Donohue where we're going.

Day 93 9/13
Mileage 14
Camped 1 mile east of Donohue Pass

Up we go! We climbed back up to the high country after an uneventful bus ride and an hour or so of loitering at the Tuolumne Meadows store, during which I had a quart of whole milk, a breakfast sandwich, and four donuts. We meandered through Lyell meadow until we began our climb in earnest to Donohue pass. At 11,074 feet, it's the highest we've been on the trail, and it certainly looks the part. Craggy, sharp peaks surround us, only sparsely accented with vegetation. On our way out of Tuolumne, we ran into Mitch, the cook at Glen Aulin, one last time. We're camped in a large bowl, in small depressions that were presumably full of water at some point. Looking forward to the morning, which should light it up nicely.

Sunrise near Donohue Pass

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