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Monday, November 17, 2014

Big Bear, New Friends!

Day 140
Mileage 11
Staying at Big Bear Hostel

Foodpillow/clothingblitz was a success, because I didn't wake up until just before my alarm, and good thing, because it had indeed cooled below the brisk 40 degrees of yesterday evening. And below 30. And 20. It was an arctic 17 degrees when I stiffly left my tent this morning. I had a lot of difficulty moving. It was by far the coldest night of the entire trip. I hiked in all my layers for the first half hour or so before the chill finally faded. Then, I blitzed the last few miles to highway 18. I got lucky with the hitchhike, getting a ride after less than 10 minutes. He was a nice guy who was also going for a hike today. I think we had a slight miscommunication about the difference between Big Bear City and the city of Big Bear Lake, which are in fact two different cities. He dropped me off in Big Bear City, and I walked the last few miles to Big Bear Lake. Sarge at the hostel was super welcoming, and I set up my stuff in a room with Murray, a local who's been staying at the hostel. I did my resupply and Just Jake and Red Fox showed up, followed soon after by Arctic Fox! Yay! We chatted for a while, did laundry, cleaned up, and went to the grocery store. Arctic met a very nice woman there named Jamie, who offered to give us a ride back to the hostel AND buy us breakfast tomorrow morning! Thanks, Jamie! Back at the hostel, we celebrated being under the 300-mile mark. We're closing in!

Coldest morning of the trip

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