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Monday, November 17, 2014

Just like any other day, but spoooookier!

Day 141 10/31
Mileage 20
Camped in Coon Creek Cabin

I arose blearily, having slept maybe two hours (Murray can snore like nobody's business), not wanting to do anything. We eventually mobilized and headed to breakfast. The portions were epic and I was content. We called another trail angel, Papa Smurf, who generously gave us a ride to the trail, and my journey's next chapter began! It was nice hiking with people. It was hilly and we felt off from the schedule change in town, but we plugged away and got the miles done. We made it to Coon Creek Cabin eventually, a spooky old frame of a building (fortunately still with a roof), around 6:30, after a spectacular sunset. The fog was rolling in below us, and the clouds were gathering above, leaving a clear strip of golden color in between. There's a large storm on the radar for tonight, with snow, 50-70mph winds, the whole shebang. The cabin has a fireplace, and we made a cozy fire, eating our dinner around it as the wind howled outside. It's slightly less creepy and slightly more cozy now. It still feels a lot like the plot of a bad horror movie, though. In an abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods in a storm on halloween. Nice. We're going for a 35-mile day tomorrow, all the way to trail angels Ziggy and The Bear. It's mostly downhill, and this should get us out of the worst of the storm.

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